How Do Farmers Contribute to the Economy?

Farmers are considered the backbone of

A universe without food production is as good as a vacuum, it is one of the basic needs that people depend on for survival. Many centuries ago, men used to go hunting for food while women collected water. Farming began when various seeds were collected then planted, which turned out to be successful. Planting more seeds gave rise to more plants and bulk harvesting. Crop planting is not the only activity that results in a quality harvest, but nurturing, and caring for them play another key role.

How Do Farmers Contribute to the Economy?

Farmers are considered the backbone of a nation, contributing a good percentage to the economy. For a nation to progress, the gross domestic product is required to be on a higher level, agriculture is part of it. Agriculture operates when there is planting and harvesting, a section that needs farmers. The outcome helps citizens as well as the entire economy, after exporting some of its crops to other countries. Exported foods need to be of high quality, which means that farmers use more energy as well as time to properly nurture plants while considering factors that affect them. Farmers ensure that quality is their top priority to provide more profits to the nation. Exporting this product grows an economy, other industries in a nation experience development.

The agricultural sector is known to be the largest provider of employment within the US. The industry has created about 23 million job opportunities for the country’s residents. Processing, planting, transporting, accounting, including many more are some positions that are offered. The Food and Agriculture Organization captures an estimated number of one point three billion individuals in the entire world who work in the agriculture industry. Out of this number, about 97 percent are from different developing nations. Rural areas greatly depend on farming that contributes about 50 percent of their household income.

Food is not the only thing that farmers provide, but they dress the whole world. Planting involves crops used for food and others are processed to make clothes. Exporting also captures food with other elements that are non-edible. Animals as well as poultry are rarely provided with meat and milk, with animals like sheep having their fur shaved to make clothes, footwear, gloves or hats. It is evident enough that without farmers, people’s lives would be a total mess. With their perseverance and dedication, they contribute to providing the basic needs of clothes as well as food.