The Importance of Farmers

The Importance of Farmers

Farmers are people who grow food, and raise domestic animals in rural as well as urban areas. Crop growth together with livestock taming serves an essential role in a nation’s economy as well as people’s health. Farm food products of can include milk, poultry meat, vegetables, eggs, as well as fruits. Other important products are wool plus skins together with firewood, yet these products have varied uses. A country that supports agriculture can have enough food in its stores to prevent hunger from striking its citizens. There are two types of farming: cash crop growing, as well as food crop growing. In both cases, farmers may practice subsistence farm, and commercial farm production.

Cash crop farming includes crops such as tea, coffee, sugarcane as well as sisal plantations. Flower plantations are a form of cash crop farming. Commercial farm production is done on large tracts of land for business purposes. A farmer may employ more other people to help in farm work as a single farmer may fail to accomplish activities such as weeding as well as harvesting. The importance of commercial growth of crops rearing of livestock is that it creates employment opportunities for other people. The living standards of farm employees are lifted as they earn salaries that enable them to meet their needs.

Subsistence raising of livestock and growing

Animal rearing on a large scale is equally beneficial to society at large. Raising chicken, for instance, can be sold for their meat locally and be exported to other nations. Droppings from chicken can be decomposed to produce organic manure that is used in the farms. Compost manure increases farm productivity because of the minimal harm that it has done to the soil. Chick hatching as well as supplying the chicks in commercial is just as profitable.

Subsistence raising of livestock and growing of crops as a form of agriculture is mainly for home consumption. Small-scale productivity does not require employees as the scale of production is small. Examples of small-scale farming include raising a few cows for milk purposes, cultivating vegetables in a kitchen garden for family use or having a few chickens for producing eggs and meat for family consumption.

The Importance of Farmers

Knowledge about crop cultivation plus livestock rearing and trends in climatic changes can be deduced from farmers. They provide important information to government, agricultural ministries as well as researchers on the challenges facing agricultural productivity. Farmers can also educate the society as they are rich in farming methods due to the direct linkage to their work.

A healthy nation is a nation that embraces farm activities as well as projects through funding, awareness creation or engaging its people. Everyone needs food to live while others depend on the food to earn a living. Farmers should be recognized for their great job of ensuring that there is food. More awareness should be created to people on engaging in various farm activities. Agriculture can reduce the unemployment margin through self-employment among youths. Young children that are still in school should be taught that agriculture is not a dirty job, but a special job that ensures survival of humans.